Who are the Pixcellence Photographers?

Clwyd Probert PhotographerPixcellence was created in 2005 to provide high quality Corporate, Event & Wedding Photography. Clwyd lives in Shepherds Bush, London, with his wife Manjit and Daugher Serena. Pixcellence photography covers all of the UK.

I hear that you specialise in Asian weddings. How did that happen?

It was not what was planned when the company started!  The original intention was to concentrate on our main areas of expertise which was high end corporate and event photography and contemporary English weddings. Clwyd is married to a Sikh lady and he was asked to cover Sikh wedding which we agreed to do. We put a lot of effort into that first Asian wedding and received an incredible amount of good feedback both from the bride and groom and also from friends and family. One thing led to another, the word was passed around and more and more Asian couples started to ask for us. Now Asian wedding photography makes up over 80% of our wedding business and we have a reputation as one of the premier asian wedding photography companies in the UK.

What about Corporate & Event Photography, do you still do that?

Absolutely, it’s a big part of our business. We cover corporate events all over the UK and are the recommended photographers for a number of very high profile event venues such as the Dorcehester, Savoy and Five Seasons hotels. We shoot corporate headshots on location, which saves everyone a lot of time – no need to take timeout to visit a studio. If you are looking to update your profile images for your company website, then you should definately get in touch.

Charity work also plays a big part in what we do. We are photographers for the Battersea Cats & Dogs home and have also worked alongside Sir David Attenborough and Brian May to help raise money for animal charities.

If you are running a conference and need a photographer who knows how to represent your brand well, then you have come to the right place. We know about brand image, sponsor placement and can deal with PR and Press agencies.

I want you to shoot my event, what do I do now and how does all this work?

Ok you must have tons of questions and that’s ok. We love answering questions.

Go to the contact page and send us a message or email us at enquiries@pixcellence.co.uk , give as much information as possible. We will get back to you with details of what we provide, how we can meet and the next steps. If your not shy then please pick up the phone and call 0208 354 3645, we love to talk…

Where are you based?

Clwyd is based in central London. We travel anywhere to shoot events and make no charge for travel within the UK. We also cover destinations outside the UK and have covered events and weddings in Europe and India.

Do you shoot the traditional group photos?

Of course, as many as you need or want. Our wedding photography style is mainly ‘reportage’ ie we try to be as unobtrusive as possible, capturing the moments as they happen rather than setting up false situtations. We believe that this is the most natural way to capture any event and allows you to preserve real memories. Having said that, formal groups are important, so we do them efficiently and quickly without any fuss, to allow you to get back to your day.

How long till I can see my pictures?

Your wedding images will be available online to view within a couple of weeks after the event. When things get really busy, we sometimes take as long as three weeks, but that is unusual.

For corporate events we can deliver events to press on the same day. We will give you access to download images directly from a custom website and will also send edited high resolution images on disk.

Do you turn up with a horde of assistants?

No, generally it’s just one of us. Unless you want another shooter, we can provide two photographer teams which works well for large weddings or in cases where things are happening at two different locations at the same time.

Call us now to learn more: 0208 354 3645


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