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Top Wedding Photographer Explains How To Make Every Moment Memorable

London, UK, SEP 3, 2015 – When it comes to a celebration of a couple’s love, there are no limits. Some choose to incorporate things significant to them such as the couple who married on a replica of the Starship Enterprise bridge dressed as Klingons to the couple who parachute from a plane or deep sea dive to exchange vows. Asian weddings are now exception and are as special and unique as the couple who plan it and a good wedding photographer will capture it all poignantly. In keeping with their mission to educate photographers, Pixcellence( has just published a new blog post entitled ‘An Experienced Wedding Photographer Will Make Every Moment Memorable‘.

The article discusses how even the days leading up to the wedding can prove to be a cornucopia of memorable moments. Experienced wedding photographers will know this and anticipate capturing the best moments.

“There are different reasons why an able wedding photographer should be hired to cover that cherished day,” states Clwyd Probert, one half of the Pixcellence photography team. “The most important reason is that the pictures will immortalize the moments when the couples say their “I do’s”. Second, the quality of the wedding album will also say something about the quality of the ceremony, so having a professional counts.”

The article describes then, in step by step format that is easy to follow, just exactly how this effect can be created within the image composition so that it works well.

Probert, one of the founders of Pixcellence, married a Sikh woman, was once asked to photograph a friend’s traditional wedding ceremony. Feedback from the event was so positive, that word of mouth reputation spread making Pixcellence the premier Asian wedding photographer.

“Photographers need to be familiar with ceremonies influenced by particular cultures,” stated Probert. “Hindu and Chinese weddings, for example, have their nuances and traditions that an amateur photographer won’t be able to pick up. This is why it is important to hire a trusted London wedding photographer from a reputable studio.”

With a reputation as one of the premier asian wedding photography teams, Pixcellence Wedding Photographers is a grouping of professional photographers operating within the UK. They offer coaching courses to help photographers of all levels improve their photographic talents.

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