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London, UK, AUG 28, 2015 – It’s widely used effect, however mastering the utilization of flash outside to create a subtle ‘fill-in‘ flash effect is problematic for those just beginning in photography. In keeping with their mission to educate photographers, Pixcellence ( has just published a new blog post entitled ‘The Simplest way to Make A Perfect Portrait By Using A Balance Of Natural Light And Flash‘.

The article discusses how to create this particular effect and just what lighting elements need to be adjusted to make it work. Using two different light sources and techniques of control, both of these elements considered independently within the composition, will allow for a good picture to be created.

“The first thing to remember is that two separate elements in the image,” states Clwyd Probert, one half of the Pixcellence photography team. “Both of those elements are lit by a light source. Therefore, there are two different light sources being worked on in the image composition at the same time.”

The article describes then, in step by step format that is easy to follow, just exactly how this effect can be created within the image composition so that it works well.

Probert, one of the founders of Pixcellence, married a Sikh woman, was once asked to photograph a friend’s traditional wedding ceremony. Feedback from the event was so positive, that word of mouth reputation spread making Pixcellence the premier Asian wedding photographer.

“Part of it is knowledge of the unique customs and traditions that we bring to our craft which has attracted widespread acclaim,” stated Probert. “Our work covers many different styles including: Hindu, Sikh and Muslim Wedding ceremonies and our photographers can cover multiple days, including your Gaaye Holud, Sangeet, Mendhi, and Maiya marriage celebrations. We can even provide a female photographer for traditions that require such a presence.”

Pixcellence Wedding Photographers is a grouping of professional photographers in the UK with a reputation as one of the premier asian wedding photography teams. They offer coaching courses to help photographers of all levels improve their photographic talents.

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