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“To photograph an Asian wedding well, you need high quality, contemporary photography skills balanced by a good understanding of the complexities and details involved in an Asian wedding ceremony tied with a sympathetic feeling for family interactions and respect for Indian timing.”

This is what Pixcellence does best, the majority of our work involves Asian wedding photos. We have gained a strong reputation for delivering high quality Asian wedding photography consistently for brides in London and across the UK. Our team delivers a mixture of the best of UK and Asian cultures. .

We have a modern, contemporary approach and our reportage style is perfect for capturing the visual splendour and significance of an Asian ceremony – without interrupting it! We believe that a wedding should be remembered as a meeting of two people and two families. Our skill is to capture the key moments, which requires detailed knowledge, anticipation, and tact.

Coverage For Different Wedding Events

Our work covers many different styles including: Hindu, Sikh and Muslim Wedding ceremonies and we provide our photographers in London, Coventry, Birmingham, Shropshire, and all around the UK. We also travel internationally to provide our services for destination weddings all around the globe. Our knowledge of the unique customs and traditions that we bring to our craft has attracted widespread acclaim. Our photographers can cover multiple days, including your Gaaye Holud, Sangeet, Mendhi, and Maiya marriage celebrations. We also photograph engagement parties and pre-wedding portrait shoots. For a personalized quote, please contact us for a full quotation and price list so we can check availability for your dates.

The Photographers

Asian ceremonies are often covered by two photographers, although this is not required (see our FAQ section to learn more) it does ensure high quality and reliable coverage over all venues and events, although it is possible to cover the main events with a single photographer. To see examples from some of our recent work please view our wedding gallery. Note: We can provide a female photographer, if this is required or preferred and we can also provide our second photographer for a limited amount of time, to cover the early part of the day when two photographers are often the best option with the bride and groom starting their events at different locations.

At Pixcellence, we offer the finest Asian wedding photography with a choice of the highest quality presentations options for your photos.

We offer several packages all of which have a selection of different options which can be customised to your requirements. We offer a wide range of wedding albums including digital storybooks, traditional overlay and simple ‘old style’ albums. In addition, we can provide all images on disk and DVD slideshows.

Some Tips On How How To Hire A Photographer

We have photographed at locations across the country from Bedfordshire & Luton, York, London and Birmingham to palaces in India.

A wedding celebration is a sacred and special occasion for everybody involved, especially for the bride and the groom. They want it to be the most memorable day of their life. Asian wedding events come with many rituals. Hiring well trained and experienced photographers is very important for couples to create the pictures of the culture that they cherish and allowing them to be free to enjoy their day.

Reception parties are often themed and it is important to communicate as much information as possible about the details of the function. We work with the organisers, the caterers, and other services such as the wedding planners to ensure everything runs smoothly. Pixcellence has extensive experience of multiple different venues and locations. We have covered all types of hotels from the local Hilton up to the Royal palaces. We are the preferred and recommended photographers for a range of venues across the UK. If you have not yet chosen your venue, then call and ask our advice – we would be happy to share our experience.

A couple must be very careful when they select their photographer who will be with them all through the day. An album package has a distinctive look and the photographs are all you will have to remember of your day in the coming years, so it’s essential to have a specialist catch the magic. Even an experienced, traditional English wedding photographer would miss important details if they were not familiar with the different customs and timings of an Asian wedding. It’s important that for the wedding photographer to have detailed experience of Asian wedding events and their customs and how to be able to deal with guests.

Some points to bear in mind:

  1. Make sure that the person you hire is a professional with some quality experience under their belt. The ability to think fast and deal with a fast changing situation could be crucial.
  2. Inquire about their experience and training, an experienced photographer will make a big difference to your day.
  3. Try to setup a meeting with your photographer prior to signing the written contract and spend some time looking over recent albums and work.
  4. Make sure that they have a backup plan (camera equipment etc) in case their main cameras fail at the important moments.
  5. Go over the services included, so everyone is clear what is being covered.
  6. Check that the venues you have chosen are known to the photographer. If you are visiting a park or have booked a special hotel as one of your venues, then discuss this in detail. The more you can share about your specific needs, the happier you will be.

The important thing that you need to determine prior to hiring a photographer or signing a contract is to make sure that they are familiar with the rituals of different ceremonies. Each wedding is different in one way or another. The photographer needs to be aware of such differences and should recognize the most significant rituals and moments so that he does not miss them.

Pixcellence use a mixture of reportage and contemporary styles when shooting an Asian wedding. Whether you prefer us to provide digital images or paper prints, colour, or black and white, the objective is to catch stylish images as the day unfolds, together with some spectacular bridal images and portraits of the couple which will form a terrific storybook including stunning and treasured memories of your special day.

We serve areas within London and Shropshire such as Shrewsbury. Visit our Contact page and give us a call to know more.

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