An Experienced Wedding Photographer Will Make Every Moment Memorable


All brides and grooms look forward to the day when they profess their love for each other and commit to a lifetime of love and fidelity. Every couple, however, differs in how they mark their wedding day. A February 27, 2014 story on the Asian Image website discusses how one couple celebrated their union in the grandest fashion:

“Asian Weddings are glamorous and spare no expense. Here we take a look at the wedding of Popular Asian DJ H (Hardeep) who married his sweetheart Monica earlier this month.

From superhero costumes to a stunning brass band…this wedding it seems had everything…

This was a personal, family event. Where he could celebrate with his nearest and dearest in the classiest way possible. Guests had flown in from America, Canada, India and beyond.

With his friends keen to get on in with the action, Royal Blue was selected as the colour to represent Hardeep Kataria. Thirty of H’s close friends and relatives donned Royal Blue Turbans which offered an overwhelming presence upon his arrival at Guru Panth Parkash Gurdwara, Leicester.”

The article further discusses how the bride and groom celebrated the days that led up to their marriage, which were just as well-documented. Although a lot of couples won’t be able to pull off a wedding as grand as DJ H’s, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t throw everything they have into making it unforgettable—including hiring an experienced wedding photographer to help them capture its very best moments.

An Experienced Wedding Photographer Will Make Every Moment Memorable

There are different reasons why an able wedding photographer should be hired to cover that cherished day. The most important reason is that the pictures will immortalize the moments when the couples say their “I do’s”. Second, the quality of the wedding album will also say something about the quality of the ceremony, so having a professional counts.

There is also the issue of photographers needing to be familiar with ceremonies influenced by particular cultures. Hindu and Chinese weddings, for example, have their nuances and traditions that an amateur photographer won’t be able to pick up. This is why it is important to hire a trusted London wedding photographer from a reputable studio like Pixcellence Photography who knows all the unique aspects of Asian weddings.

Couples have the right to have the most memorable day of their lives well-documented. Only a photographer with the keenest eye for detail will be able to produce a visually stunning and emotionally moving album that is sure to please any couple.

(Source: Was this the most lavish Asian wedding of the year?, Asian Image, February 27, 2014)

Clwyd ProbertAn Experienced Wedding Photographer Will Make Every Moment Memorable