Asian Wedding Photography in London: Cultural Awareness is a Must

An Indian wedding is filled with tradition, colour, dance, music, and fun. If you’re planning to have an Indian wedding, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by the length, size, and complexity it involves. Don’t worry—Indian weddings are overwhelming for anyone involved in it—the groom, the bride, the relatives, even the guests, so first, take a deep breath and know that it will all be alright. Now, it’s time to start educating yourself with one important wedding must-know: How to choose your photographer.

Asian Wedding Photography in London: Cultural Awareness is a Must

Photographing an Asian wedding requires more versatility and panache from a wedding photographer. It also requires him to be culturally aware. Thus, he needs to know where the participants hail from and what kind of wedding traditions are especially important to them. Below is an excerpt lifted from a article defining why it’s important to be culturally aware in a special occasion, such as your wedding:

“Cultural awareness becomes central when we have to interact with people from other cultures. People see, interpret and evaluate things in different ways. What is considered an appropriate behavior in one culture is frequently inappropriate in another one. Misunderstandings arise when I use my meanings to make sense of your reality.

Misinterpretations occur primarily when we lack awareness of our own behavioral rules and project them on others. In absence of better knowledge we tend to assume, instead of finding out what a behavior means to the person involved.

We are generally aware that the first step in managing diversity is recognize it and learning not to fear it.

Since everyone is the product of their own culture, we need to increase both self-awareness and cross-cultural awareness. There is no book of instructions to deal with cultural diversity, no recipe to follow. But certain attitudes help to bridge cultures.”

Cultural awareness means being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist among different people, and that these differences can affect behaviours, attitudes, and communication. Put simply, it is the ability to place one’s self in the shoes of another. Being culturally aware means that you understand why the other person thinks or experiences things differently than you do. For those planning an Asian wedding, or any ethnic wedding for that matter, this essential trait is what they would need to see in the wedding photography professional they hire.

If you are having an Indian wedding celebration and want to capture the glamour of your beloved tradition perfectly, an expert in Asian wedding photography in London like Pixcellence Photography can provide a complete visual story of your special day, providing you with many meaningful images that you’ll cherish forever.

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Clwyd ProbertAsian Wedding Photography in London: Cultural Awareness is a Must