Some of the Best Practices for Asian Wedding Photography in London

Let’s say you’re about to get married. You and your spouse decide to have a traditional ceremony to celebrate your Indian heritage. Then you find out that your wedding photography consultant has no experience covering Indian weddings. As colorful as Indian-and indeed, many Asian-weddings are, anyone unfamiliar with the rituals won’t know which moments are significant enough to capture. Karen Moore, a wedding planner and contributor to briefly describes the spectacle and diversity of Asian weddings:

asian wedding traditions

“… when it comes to weddings, the rich diversity of Asian cultures, traditions and religions makes for a wide variety of colorful and fascinating wedding customs. What makes weddings truly beautiful in this part of the globe is that traditions actually vary from one country to another, with no two being exactly alike.”

Cultural hues

Something as simple as the color motif for the wedding can have a huge impact. In the West, white is usually associated with weddings. In China, however, white is the color theme for funerals. At a Japanese wedding, other rites are performed besides the nuptial, and may or may not be part of the marriage ceremony.

“Japanese weddings include a sake ritual. It is also known as the sake sharing tradition. This ritual represents building a strong bond between the families. The sake ritual can be part of the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception. Sake cups can make great wedding favors for a Japanese wedding ceremony.”

Been there, done that

The photographer could go the extra mile for the client by researching how the ceremony goes, or get briefed by you or a member of the family. On the other hand, it would be more convenient to hire a veteran who handles Asian wedding photography in London, like someone from Pixcellence Photography. Such services will be well-versed in covering Asian weddings.

One less worry

With the multitude of things on your mind, the last thing you need to worry about is directing the photographer throughout the ceremony, and worry if his timing was right. This is the day you and your spouse mark the beginning of your journey in life together as one, and it deserves to live on in your photographs as well as your memories.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Asian Wedding Traditions – Rituals & Blessings,

Clwyd ProbertSome of the Best Practices for Asian Wedding Photography in London