Don’t Ruin Your Elegant Wedding Photography Moment with These Faux Pas

Planning a wedding can be tough: getting through it without an embarrassing or humiliating story or two is even tougher. If you’ve hired professionals like those from Pixcellence Photography for excellent wedding photography coverage, you better make sure that each shot is worth every farthing, and not to be hidden away in shame. Here are a few things that every key member of a wedding should watch out for and avoid falling into:

Don’t Ruin Your Elegant Wedding Photography Moment with These Faux Pas

The Drunk Bride

It’s a classic plot for sitcoms and movies, but when it comes to real life, getting drunk in your own wedding is simply in poor taste. Even when the bride isn’t tipsy and all over the place, chances are that inebriation will significantly affect the outcomes of the photos, especially the close-ups, which can definitely reveal wine stains and a flushed face.

The Vanishing Groom

Many cases of grooms disappearing for extended periods include going out for a few cigarettes, a last bout of hearty chuckle with the single buddies, or maybe just a long bathroom break. Whichever the case may be, the groom should make sure that he is seen with the bride in most, if not all of the photos.

The Funny Best Man

Preparing and delivering a toast can be a challenge – one has to keep the audience gleefully listening, so jokes are almost always a necessity. However, a toast should be thought of carefully, before the photographer finds himself taking a shot of the bride’s or groom’s hands around the best man’s neck. Here are some tips from blogger Sandy Malone of the Huffington Post:

“DON’T get uncontrollably wasted at the reception just because you can. Don’t turn the toast into a roast because you’re looped […] NEVER mention any of his exes in anything you say or do near a microphone. Also, don’t talk about his relationship history with the bride’s friends and family.”

The Unattended Ring Bearer/Flower Girls

This tip goes to the parents of the wedding’s ring bearer and flower girls. Kids can get into all sorts of hijinks when left unattended, so be sure not to leave them out of your sight throughout the ceremony and well into the reception. If you don’t think you can supervise your little one on that day, request or hire someone who can to come with you to the wedding.

Another opportunity for embarrassing photos are cultural weddings, so if you will, for example, have an Asian wedding ceremony and you’ll be hiring a professional for Asian wedding photography, be sure to verse your guests about the do’s and don’ts for the event. While no wedding can be absolutely perfect, you should nevertheless seek to make every moment photo-worthy.

(Source: Do’s and Don’ts for the Key Members of the Wedding Party, Huffington Post)

Clwyd ProbertDon’t Ruin Your Elegant Wedding Photography Moment with These Faux Pas