No Redo—Why You Should Book a Professional London Wedding Photographer

You love your cool uncle immensely, and why wouldn’t you? He’s the one who taught you how to drive, how to play cards, and how to fish. He tells great jokes, and he’s delightful to have around. Now that you’re about to tie the knot, you can’t imagine spending the occasion without him attending. You know it wouldn’t be the same without him.

No Redo—Why You Should Book a Professional London Wedding Photographer

Fortunately, when you call to tell him the good news, he says he’ll be more than happy to be there. He even offers to take care of the wedding pics for you. That’s even better news! After all, with him taking care of picture duties, you wouldn’t need to hire a professional, which means you get to save thousands of pounds from your wedding budget.

But should you really entrust the huge responsibility of photographing your wedding to your beloved uncle? No matter how much you adore him, remember that your wedding pictures will be permanent—there will be no redo. For that, it would be wiser to leave the task in the hands of a true wedding photographer.

“Let me be frank: if you can’t run a profitable business, then you are an amateur photographer, out there taking pictures for fun.

That’s not to say that you have to be a full time working pro. Or, that you have to generate a full time income.


You can be a part time professional, shooting weddings on the weekends. Or a mom taking baby photos in their spare time. Or surf bum shooting stock.

It doesn’t matter – as long as you treat your photography as a business – then you are a professional photographer – because in order to run a profitable business you need to produce great work, you need to earn a decent income for your time and you need to deliver.”

Above is an excerpt from an article in DIY Photography discussing the difference between professional and amateur photographers. Two phrases leap out from this passage: “to produce great work” and “to deliver”—abilities that a professional photographer can supply and an amateur cannot.

Yes, anyone can use a camera, but to deliver professional quality wedding images is a whole different thing entirely. Wedding photography is considered to be one of the most challenging and stressful photography jobs because there’s no luxury of a reshoot if things don’t turn out according to plan. That’s why you need a wedding photographer that’s highly flexible and adept at multiple photography disciplines. That’s why you need a London wedding photographer like Pixcellence Photography.


Clwyd ProbertNo Redo—Why You Should Book a Professional London Wedding Photographer