Professional Wedding Photography Is Invaluable for Asian Weddings


Wedding photography may seem like something that anyone can do. Just have someone bring a camera and take pictures of what happens during the wedding—right? The truth is, it is not as easy as it seems. A wedding is the most special of occasions for a lot of people, and not every person with a camera can take photographs that do it justice. Though doing so may cost a pretty penny, it would be best to have a professional chronicle the memories of this special occasion.

This is even more true for Asian weddings, which have more of a flourish to them than simple western ones. Their pomp and detail, whether in South Asian or Chinese ceremonies, can be confusing for amateur photographers to showcase properly. Professionals, however, are expected to have familiarised themselves with them.

Professional Wedding Photography Is Invaluable for Asian Weddings

In a guest blog post for Digital Photography School, Chentil Mohan talks about Indian wedding customs that need be highlighted by the wedding photographer:

“Barat: The groom is decked up in finery and brought in a procession to the heavily decorated wedding venue. This procession could be on a horse, elephant or in a trusted four wheeler. The groom’s family would be accompanying the procession and in most ‘barats’ you can expect folks dancing to a live band along with the procession on the move.

VarMala: The Bride and groom exchange colourful garlands of flowers on a small but decorated stage called ‘Mandap’.

Pheras: The Bride and Groom exchange vows in front of the holy fire and go around the fire holding hands seven times.

Mangal-Sutra: The Groom ties a Golden Locket/Thread around the Bride’s neck as a mark of them getting married. The Mangal Sutra is the Indian equivalent of a ring in most cases.”

Additionally, there are the Kanya Daan and the Bidaai, or when the bride’s family hands her over to her groom, and she formally leaves her parents’ house and moves in with him. Professional photographers would know what to take pictures of and how to best frame the shot so it would have the maximum emotional effect. They also bring with them professional experience and equipment.

It is a good thing that skill with Asian wedding photography in London can be found with professionals like Pixcellence Photography, who can do all the heavy lifting in terms of photography needs. Asian weddings are already complex affairs and having one less thing to worry about is a good thing for many wedding planners.

(Source: How To Photograph A Hindu Wedding, Digital Photography School)

Clwyd ProbertProfessional Wedding Photography Is Invaluable for Asian Weddings