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Experience the vision as seen through the lens of a Pixcellence photographer
Here are a series of slideshows of images which will showcase some of our most recent photographers work. In this gallery you are able to view many complete events to a get a real understanding of the passion that our photographers feel and the effort that each photographer puts into the day.

Check back every day to see new show from our team of photographers: You can also see a selection of work from our photographer who has created a number of Pixcellence slideshows on the Pixcellence Channel on YouTube:

Wedding Photos

English Pictures – Richmond, London

Hindu Ceremony – Harrow, London

Buddhist Ceremony – Eltham Palace, London

Sikh Events, London

Muslim Ceremony Fanhams Hall Hotel, Ware, Hertfordshire

Chinese Images – London

Jewish Event – The Belvedere, London

Wedding Pictures As Slideshows

Asian Picture Slideshows

English Picture Slideshows

Wedding Photo Albums & Books

English Event (Richmond – Pembroke Lodge) storybook album

London Location – Digital Storybook Album

Hindu Ceremonies – Manor of Groves – Digital Storybook Album

Hindu Book (London) – Digital Storybook Album

Chinese Book (London) – Digital Storybook Album

Muslim Album – Farnhams Hall, Ware, Hertfordshire – Overlay Storybook

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