Sublime Shots: Helping Your Wedding Photographer Take Great Photos

Without a doubt, all eyes will be on you during your wedding day in England’s capital city, so it definitely pays for you to make sure that everything is close to (if not absolutely) perfect. To immortalise this most special occasion, put your trust in a reputable London wedding photographer, such as one from Pixcellence Photography. In fact, here are a few tips on making sure you get the right photos to commemorate your wedding with:

Sublime Shots: Helping Your Wedding Photographer Take Great Photos

Choose a Style

There are many styles to the art that is wedding photography, and each professional will be versed in one or the other, so it’s best to know what you want before hiring a photographer. Note that there are photographers whose shots are traditional, while others are more daring and inventive when it comes to angle, lighting, background, and poses.

Colours and Themes

As you choose which themes you want for your wedding to have, think about what hues you would like your photographer to use. If you’re going for a historical theme for instance, black and white photos would be an excellent way to capture special moments. You can either choose your own colour preferences or ask your photographer for ideas.

Be Adaptive

Even if you’ve planned out the entire photo itinerary long before the big day, you should be willing enough to concede to changes and compromises, especially with regards to weather. Here’s what an article in The Knot website has to say:

“While it’s totally fine to show your photographer the types of shots you like, it’s even more important that you’re flexible the day-of. So if it rains and you can’t get that sunny shot of you in a field, grab big umbrellas and a pair of bright yellow rain boots and trust your photographer to find the right shot. […] Trust your photographer to keep you on-schedule, to frame the shots, and to know what will look best […].”

On Group Portraits

The thing about group portraits is that if you want more shots of different groups of people, the more time it will take to take each one. You can either go for a shorter list while being able to try multiple shots in different angles with each, or a longer list that includes several people but offers very little room to correct bad shots.

Working with a reliable wedding photographer will allow you to capture the best moments of your special day and turn them into lifelong memories. Don’t overwork yourself by focusing too much on the details, because what makes a wedding perfect isn’t solely the presence of a solid plan – but its smooth execution as well.

(Source: Wedding Photography: 8 Tips to Getting the Wedding Photos You Want, The Knot)

Clwyd ProbertSublime Shots: Helping Your Wedding Photographer Take Great Photos